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January 16, 2008

LOTD for January 16

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I thank one of my readers (who I think wants to remain anonymous) for this article…great news that the Weapons-Grade Plutonium Elilmination project will eliminate the production of 800 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium each year!

Businesses need to weigh the risks of “presenteeism”, where sick employees are encouraged to go to work and end up infecting others in the company, hurting the company in the end:

Rising sea levels pose a major problem to big Asian cities:

Japan is planning to push a super-HD television format:

The first hydrokinetic wave energy license in the US was granted:

The first commercial wave farm is operational in Portugal. This is such a cool application of technology to get clean energy!

The FBI is spending $1 bil to make the world’s largest biometric database:

Company partners with the University of Maryland for wireless sensor monitoring of bridge stability:

Stanford researchers discovered that silicon nanowires can increase laptop battery life 10x, up to 40 hours of use for a laptop battery!

The 3/4″ thick Macbook Air laptop looks really cool:

Apple will be offering movie rentals through iTunes and has agreements with EVERY major studio:

Analysts predict that the number of GPS-enabled handsets will triple in the next 5 years:

I’m glad that Myspace has address the safety concerns of the states:

VCs invested $20 mil for a Rural WiMAX company, DigitalBridge now has about $40 mil raised:

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