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January 17, 2008

LOTD for January 17

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According to this article, Sprint’s layoffs could be in the *thousands*, not the hundreds:

The FDA rules that meat and milk from cloned animals are fine and NO LABEL will be required for food and drinks from cloned animals:

Nano-size “smart bombs” being developed to kill cancer cells while leaving regular cells untouched:

GE made a breakthrough with a nanowire solar cell that is MUCH cheaper than current solar cell technology:

Thousands of kids in the UK have had their fingerprints and DNA taken by schools *without* parental consent:

More than 100 nuclear reactors are being built or will soon be built with half in China, India, and other developing nations. There is a worry about the safety practices and secrecy in China…

Interesting how the military freaks out about things that are reported…to an extreme at times:

Farmers are quite upset that a new Federal Government plan would require EVERY farm animal (except for pigs) to be registered with a federal animal tracking system. Farmers are organizing against this Bush initiative, even though the Bush initiative was supposed to make things easier for farmers. It looks like the small farmers are getting pushed out of farming by the new Bush rule (maybe that was the real purpose?) and Amish and Mennonite farmers have stopped farming instead of trying to comply with the new rule. Bush himself has NOT registered his farm or his 8 cattle…though small farmers are being forced to register their farms and livestock:,1,6235377.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

The $6.1 bil presidential helicopter program is WAY over budget and they will need at least another billion:

We give $100 mil in cash each month to Pakistan’s President Musharraf and about $10 bil total in cash that the US has given to Pakistan hasn’t been tracked at all…no wonder why he considers Pres. Bush a good friend and will miss him when he’s out of office:,1518,528428,00.html

Ghost Hunters have been called in to help with the unexplained happenings at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base:

Google and Wikipedia got sharply criticized by a UK professor, and now a UK University is launching a competitor to those sites. This seems to be primarily targeted for research papers, with PhD students and research organizations supporting it:

Google may lose ad spending to Facebook and other social networking sites that can precisely target certain demographics:

Pizza Hut will now take orders via text message:

This guy in Norfolk, Virginia got a speeding ticket while riding a bicycle on his lunch break…he has to pay $350 per year for 4 years as part of a new program that charges an “abusive driving fee” for people who get speeding tickets. So, he got a $1400 ticket for riding his bicycle during his lunch break!

Inmate who injured himself while trying to break out of jail is suing the sheriff:

Teens in South Africa protest against a new law that makes kissing illegal for anyone under 16:

People who talk on the cell phone while driving end up driving slower and changing lanes slower. This study says that cell phone drivers add 5 to 10% to the commute time:

The estimate cost to raise a kid in the US is over $338,000!–+the+cost+of+kids_the+cost+of+kids

McDonald’s is busy hiring baristas for its 14,000 US locations and will introduce coffee bars to directly compete with Starbucks. The cost of $100,000 per location (not including equipment) for construction times 14,000 locations means that McDonald’s is betting maybe $1.4 BILLION on this coffee challenge to Starbucks!

Amazing how the city of Ghaziabad, India was a mess with corruption and work not getting done. Ajay Shankar Pandey took over as municipal commissioner and came up with an interesting plan…he legalized bribery. And it worked to solve their problems!,0,3919821.story

Palm Beach Community College offers health benefits for employee’s *pets* but not for their *domestic partners*,0,1083373.story

Study of hypocrisy found that people who think of themselves as highly moral can become the worst cheats, because they think that their virtue entitles them to ignore the rules that normal people follow:


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