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January 18, 2008

LOTD for January 18

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Area 51 has been renamed the “Homey Airport” and now shows up on GPS Navigation systems:

Authorities in Kyrgyzstan seized radioactive material that was on a train going to Iran…it somehow made it through 3 border checkpoints before being caught:

7 guards at US nuclear plants were caught sleeping, with 3 getting fired and 4 getting probation:

US wind power increased 45% last year, $9 bil investment impact on the US economy. 34 states combined for 16,818 MW of wind power!

California scientists cloned human embryos from single skin cells:

A Pensylvania reservoir has between 168 trillion and 512 trillion cubic feet of natural gas!

China looks for biodiesel projects to solve their energy shortages:

It appears that by today China will have passed the US in the number of Internet users:

Sprint plans to layoff 4,000 people and shut down 8% of its retail stores to save up to $800 mil per year. 125 of its 1400 owned stores and 4,000 of its 20,000 distribution points will close. Last year Sprint laid off 5,000 people. Pali Research says that this isn’t enough and that Sprint will lose 2.3 mil customers in 2008 and ANOTHER 2.3 million customers in 2009!

The FBI domestic wiretapping program was halted because they didn’t pay their phone bills…and an FBI agent stole $25k from the FBI!

Even though the Wii immediate sells out when it hits the stores, Nintendo has no plans to boost production since they already boosted production twice last year…that means the Wii shortage will continue!

Best buy sells Wiis on eBay! These are ones that are scratched and returned, or refurbishes ones, but they put them up for eBay auctions and they sell for well above retail price! So, Best Buy profits by selling Wiis on eBay that they cannot sell in their stores:

Looks like AT&T is still likely to buy EchoStar (Dish Network):

WalMart is responsible for 20% of magazine sales in the US…and they just decided to stop selling 1,000 magazines!

Study found that cell phone radiation makes it harder to sleep:


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  1. The muscle-up is moving from a hanging position below the rings to a supported position, arms extended, above the rings. ,

    Comment by driver65 — October 22, 2009 @ 9:36 am

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