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January 24, 2008

LOTD for January 24

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Estonia claimed that Russian government hackers had attacked the servers of their government…but the attacks turned out to have been done from a 20-year-old guy in Estonia!

Bomb-making factory was found in a Columbia Professor’s apartment!

San Jose and Santa Clara police went after a copper-theft organization and discovered a bomb maker who lived in Fremont and had made cell-phone detonated bombs, one made to be put inside of a toy!

An alternative to solar energy…raindrop energy! French researchers have found out how to convert the energy from falling raindrops into electricity!

UN says that biofuels (ethanol, etc.) actually end up *hurting* the environment more than they help and are also worsening the water and food shortages in the world:

University of Maryland researchers have made the world’s first invisibility cloak…Harry Potter magic come to life:

Article (and a really cool photo) about the new commercial spacecraft that is being built for passengers:

UCLA researchers found that cancer cells are “softer” than healthy cells, research is going on to take advantage of that to defeat cancer:

American Airlines is testing its WiFi service on 767 airlines:

Hard to believe that a respected newspaper like the Chicago Sun-Times would layoff its staff via telephone calls!,0,4831267.story


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