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January 25, 2008

LOTD for January 25

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A rougue trader at a French bank might have led to the global stock market plunge, which eventually resulted in the 3/4 point cut by the Fed…it turns out that the Fed might not have made that huge interest rate cut if they had known the true reason for the stock market panic (thank you Ben for the article!):

The Pentagon has a new procurement officer that is completely changing the way that contracts are bid…and I like it! Instead of awarding contracts just based on paper proposals that may have no relation to reality, the new guy is requiring prototypes to be build before hundreds of millions (or billions) of dollars are awarded, with say two companies competing with their prototypes and proposals for how they will continue their development:

Article about DARPA turning 50 years old next month and whether or not it is as important as it was before:

Article about the new (smaller versions of DARPA) ARPAs recently created:

GE signed a deal with Invenergy for more than $1 billion for wind turbines for wind energy:;jsessionid=7143A942FD6C898FF00BEF34288F3E9C?id=51216

Our military experts say that global warming threatens US national security:

VoIP providers will be paying for years due to Vonage’s loss in the courts…Sprint and Verizon are using their victories over Vonage to sue other VoIP companies:

Apple stated that it has “sold” 4 million iPhones…though it counts iPhones in stores as “sold”. Estimates are between 1 million and 1.4 million “sold” iPhones are actually just inventory stacked up at stores:

Wall Street has already noticed the discrepancy on “sold” phones and Apple’s stock has paid for it:

More than 1.1 billion cell phones were sold last year:,1,22&Type=top&File=080124184000.ke69wkt6.xml

The Monte Carlo resort was on fire today!


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