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January 27, 2008

LOTD for January 27

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Amazing that women who took the birth control pill are still protected against ovarian cancer 30 years after they stop taking it!

Interesting article about how Moms form groups…the old pickup lines have different meaning now:

Amazing how pregnancy is being outsourced to India…and one surrogate pregnancy earns the women in India more than 15 years salary!

Extensive study disproves the belief that childhood vaccines cause autism:

It turns out that grass appears to be a better source for ethanol than corn…requiring far less energy to raise and saving the corn for food to the developing world:

Online bettors took the odds on Hilary Clinton to win the New Hampshire primary…a $100 bet returned $10,000!

Australian man sees two young women and waves at them out of the car window…then his arm got partially severed by a passing vehicle:,25197,23048591-5006789,00.html

It is so sad that over 500,000 people in Italy are suffering from celiac disease and cannot eat pasta, pizza, bread, and most types of salami…it must be torture to live in Italy and skip those foods!

One out of every 111 people that pass through U.S. airport security have a weapon or potential weapon confiscated! That includes about 1,000 guns and about 1 million knives!,1249,600152118,00.html

Study shows that magnets might actually have medical benefits and cure pain:

Stress levels at way up for American adults, with nearly 48% with sleep problems (blaming stress for losing 21 hours of sleep in a month) and nearly a third of American adults suffering from “extreme stress”:

A father claims that his 14-year-old son made THREE holes-in-one in a single round of golf…despite how his son rarely shoots a round under 100:

Pretty interesting how an official investigation by the Italian government concluded that “aliens testing secret weapons” are behind the events in a Sicilian village:

Amazing how the Bush Administration has been censoring government reports that discuss global warming:

Sleep deprivation has been linked to psychiatric disorders:


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