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January 28, 2008

LOTD for January 28

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Study found that China (and the European Union) has passed the U.S. in technological standing due to the U.S. shortage of engineers and scientists (and restrictions on H-1 Visas). China has emphasized the training of training scientists and engineers and is now passing the U.S. in research and in getting products to market:

The US Patent office issued a patent that seems to describe any smartphone…one minute after midnight on the day the patent was issued, that company then sued pretty much every company–Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sprint, AT&T, HP, Motorola, Helio, HTC, Sony Ericsson, UTStarcomm, Samsung, etc. It looks to me that the patent office messed up again at this will be a huge court battle now…it will be interesting if the company can force everyone to stop selling smartphones before its patents are invalidated, which will force them to pay major money for licensing. Either way, this will cost every cellular company money and that will be passed to consumers in one way or another:

New chip might replace much of the animal testing that goes on now:

The US school bus system is vulnerable to terrorist attacks…in other countries city buses are targets for terrorists:

U.S. and European security experts agree that U.S. airplanes are a major target for European terrorists:

Interesting commentary about how the Air Force has basically declared war on the Army, Navy, and Marines in terms of the battle for money from Congress:

The Army is seeking the Fountain of Youth via mitochondria:

Nice concise article on the U.S. spy satellite falling to Earth. I have stories about U.S. and Russian spacecraft from my days at JPL (we had very interesting discussions with Russian experts who visited us):

Nokia is offering $153 mil to buy open-source software company Trolltech:

Update on the 700 MHz spectrum auction:

Siemens says that it has been able to get its 3×3 MIMO 802.11n AP to be able to run off power over Ethernet:

Study showed that eBay buyers saved $7 bil in 2003 and estimates eBay buyers said $19 bil in 2007:

$100k can buy a jetpack with up to a 75 second flight time:

The Wall Street Journal went back to the predictions from 1998 for how technology would be in 2008–very interesting to see what was predicted correctly and what came out of nowhere:

Employee thinks she is going to get fired, so she deletes 7 years of designs at her company, files worth $2.5 mil. The employee was caught…and was arrested and now faces 5 years in prison. Funny (and sad) thing is that the employee was not going to be fired!


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