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January 30, 2008

LOTD for January 30

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PacifiCare just got a huge fine from the State of California due to improperly denying claims and delaying their payment to doctors beyond the allowable time. It is pretty interesting to me that I was covered by PacifiCare for almost the entire period that they were found to have improperly denying claims…and I know several former coworkers who had claims improperly denied!

It is sad that FEMA allegedly ignored, hid, and manipulated the government research that showed that the trailers they used for Katrina and Rita victims were unsafe. And despite the cancer link, more than 40,000 trailers are still being used today! FEMA allegedly started with the conclusion that the trailers were safe and shopped around to different research agencies until they found one that would agree with them:

The Army’s most expensive weapons program ($200 bil), Future Combat Systems, has had software problems. They had estimated that it would take 33.7 million lines of code but they are already over 63.8 million lines of code! They are also having problems with their operating system–they are trying to use Linux to do everything that Windows does, but do it better…but defense folks have had lots of problems in the past making their own operating systems. Boeing’s software (and hardware that goes with it) $250,000 per combat vehicle…that makes Microsoft pricing look cheap!

Article and video about why we shouldn’t worry about the spy satellite that is falling to Earth:

Funding gap threatens the success of green technology:

Intel is #1 on the EPA’s Green Power Partner list–they will purchase 1.3 billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy certificates to stimulate the global market for green power and eventually bring down the prices for green power:

Verizon is fighting against a company who plans to publish a directory of cell phone numbers across the country…Intelius is planning to sell private citizen’s cell phone numbers!

Google’s market share of the search market went from 71% at the beginning of 2007 to 77% at the end of 2007. Even more impressive is that the 29% increase in search market money had 97% of that new money go to Google! Total domination…

Yahoo is a serious trouble…search market share down from 21% to 17%, profits down 23%, 1000 people about to be laid off, and AT&T may be about to dump them:

Online newspaper readership has significantly increased in the US, with 39% of active web users visiting newspaper websites:

Two groups of newspapers across the country (one group for very large papers, one for small circulation papers) are protesting against the new AP fee structure:

Verizon FiOS TV (fiber optic service) has passed 1 million customers already…they are getting close to offering service in San Diego (they are in Orange County and Riverside already) and I can’t wait to switch from my cable modem to FiOS and I’ll seriously consider switching to their TV service too!

Continental Airlines is adding WiFi and satellite TV (via a division of Jet Blue) to some of their planes starting in January 2009:


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