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January 31, 2008

LOTD for January 31

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Microsoft offers $44.6 bil to buy Yahoo!

New CCAT Solicitation has been issued that is focused on helping small businesses and is located in San Diego! That sounds like something I’ll be really looking into…once in the prototype stage.

A study states that Afghanistan could fail as a state due to a lack of troops and a fierce insurgency:

A surprising geological formation and ancient volcanoes were a few of the surprises discovered when we had the Messenger spacecraft fly by Mercury:

Quantum teleportation and memory have been demonstrated!

2007 was a record year for wind energy, over 94 GW of wind energy and an equipment market of $36 bil:

Texas A&M professor came up with a way to turn “E. coli” into a source of energy!

Doctors accidentally found that the DBS technique (electrical stimulation to the brain) can result in memory recovery…a potentially huge breakthrough for things like Alzheimer’s:

This bank almost got robbed a new way…the thieves put something under a desk that allowed them to take control of a computer. An employee noticed and pulled the plug just in time!

Sprint and Clearwire are planning to share a “common network architecture”. Clearwire is cutting WAY back on its WiMAX investment–instead of covering 30.5 million people, Clearwire is planning to cover 6 million people:

Sprint and Clearwire are working on a roaming agreement:

Sprint’s financial troubles and drop in market value is causing them to reduce the value of their company by billions…they make be eliminating the entire $31 bil that they have in “goodwill” on their balance sheet!

Garmin is releasing a cell phone that has all of their GPS navigation features plus internet access and the standard cell phone features:

The University of Pittsburgh just released the results of a study showing that they made a breakthrough for an Asian flu vaccine!

NXP’s vector processor demonstrated the world’s first LTE/HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM multi-mode baseband platform:

The top 3 Google execs pledged to work together for 20 years right before Google’s IPO. I’m so happy for Sergey and Larry…I knew them when they were just regular Stanford students:

Ford is selling Jaguar and Land Rover to India’s Tata motors…that is something nobody would have predicted 5 years ago! Ford paid $5.2 bil and is selling the combined companies for $1.5 bil to $2 bil:

19th Century Shipwreck washed ashore on Cape Cod (thanks Ben for the link)!

The Chicago Tribune had to shut down its comment feature on many message boards due to anonymous nasty comments:,0,6839075.column

Tiffany is releasing a $94,000 cell phone!

Looks like porn is coming to cell phones in the US…it is already a big industry in Europe:


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