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February 1, 2008

LOTD for February 1

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Two undersea cables were cut yesterday that reduced India’s internet bandwidth by half and caused internet outages throughout the middle east…work outsourced from US to India was affected:

A third undersea cable was cut today! The best guess right now about causing the damage is anchors from ships:

Apparently fishing lines and ship anchors break undersea internet cables all the time. It is interesting how Egypt is the choke point for internet traffic in the region:

Study found that the US military and national guard are not prepared for a weapons of mass destruction attack in the US:

NASA’s new moon vehicle is called the Chariot and has gold rims and gold trim:

Looks like Motorola is looking to sell off its cell phone…last year their cell phone division had $19 billion in sales and LOST $1.2 billion! Expenses and pricing are out of control when you can’t even break even on $19 bil in sales.,0,4882062.story

Nokia is being sued for $17.7 billion for patent infringement by a company back by a hedge fund and a private equity company:

Update on the 700 MHz spectrum auction:

The Madden game picks the Patriots to win the Super Bowl:

Actors have been making decent money as voices for video games, especially great for those who need a second career:


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