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February 3, 2008

LOTD for February 3

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If you are tired of getting credit card or insurance offers in the mail, this site run by the credit agencies be a huge help:

Interesting that sleeping too little (less than 5 hours per night) or too much (more than 8 hours) doubles your chance of dying from a heart attack:

Interesting book that seems to prove that Alexander Graham Bell didn’t really invent the telephone…the key invention was ripped off from Elisha Gray:

Amazing that India’s Tata Motors is selling a car for just $2500! This will make it possible for millions in India to afford to drive a car…very nice except for the gas price increase and pollution and global warming worries. The other amazing thing about this is that if Tata goes through with the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover, the same company that owns Jaguar will be selling a $2500 car!

Amazing that this guy threw a stone that skipped 51 times! Who knew about stone skipping contests? Amazing videos too:

Amazing that Japanese scientists have made a frog with see-through skin…no more need to dissect them in Biology class!

Identical twins in Nebraska both have straight-A averages throughout high school and both scored a perfect 36 on the ACT exam!

Army hit a 25-year low with just 70.7% of recruits in 2007 having a high school diploma…significantly down from the 84% they had in 2005. The Army’s goal for awhile was to get to 90%. The Army termed 45% of its recruits “high quality”:

It is sad that many minorities have a lot more people in prison than college dorms. This does not take into account commuter students..but the stats are still awful:

Amazing to me that almost everyone in Iceland is related to everyone else in Iceland if you go back 7 or 8 generations:

Instead of having to kill feral cats, an LA rescue group found that the cats were great at getting rid of the rat and mouse problem in LA Police Department buildings:,0,1730444.story

The Girl Scouts are selling cookies in smaller, 100-calorie packs. The original cookie boxes are available too:

I never heard of this before–Texas congressional candidate in Texas was caught having his campaign flier use his face on another man’s much thinner body:


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