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February 4, 2008

LOTD for February 4

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Interesting that when Sprint bought Nextel in 2005, each had a market cap of about $33 bil. Theoretically, that meant that the combined company should have been worth $66 bil. Now, Sprint (which includes Nextel) has a market cap of under $30 bil! Less than either of the individual companies was worth 2.5 years ago!

Google criticizes Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo:

Google is apparently working to torpedo Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo (even offering Yahoo help so that they don’t have to sell themselves to anyone and helping other people buy Yahoo instead of Microsoft):

Analyst report predicts that by 2011 the Mac market share will double, 80% of commercial software will include open source elements, and mobile workers will use portable devices (like an iPhone) instead of notebooks:

The iPhone has increased T-Mobile’s data usage by 30%…iPhone users in Germany use 30x the data of other cellular users:

Summary of GPS-enabled phones hitting the market or in development. Looks like Tom Tom and Garmin will have 3.5G phone soon:

This writer predicts what will happen if Microsoft buys Yahoo (he doesn’t think it will be great for Microsoft):

The writer also marks the 1-year anniversary of Vista and contrasts its acceptance with that of XP. I love this line: “Microsoft has finally figured out what it takes to earn respect for one of its operating systems: release a new one that sucks harder than the last.”

ESPN will make its programming on ESPN 360 free for anyone on a college campus or in the military:

Lexus will start an advertising push for its hybrid cars:

Amazing that ads are popping up everywhere…including school busses now!

MIT has partnered with a Columbian company for a Logistics center:

First hackers attacked Scientology with denial-of-service attacks and Digg bumps:,141839-c,hackers/article.html

Now there have been fake anthrax scares being mailed to Scientology sites:,1,6115546.story

Reputation managers protect people from online attacks by anonymous people and advise them about their Google profiles:

Apparently it is very difficult to get your name off the no-fly list, even if it was put there by mistake:

Med student gave mouth-to-muzzle and CPR to a baby tiger and saved the tiger’s life!


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