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February 5, 2008

LOTD for February 5

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Interesting summary of each Presidential candidate’s position on technology:

Democrats overseas will get to vote online in a primary:

Louisiana is slowly sinking and this will be a really big problem for New Orleans:

British scientists have created human embryos from 2 women and 1 man, using the 2nd women’s healthy egg to replace defective mitochondria in the fertilized egg:

Nigerian spammer con artists have been caught and pled guilty…no wonder I haven’t been getting those Nigerian e-mails lately:

Another crook who ran multiple websites that would send out spam e-mails claiming that people won prizes has settled with the FTC and paid his fine:

Even more schools want to use fingerprints for school lunches, attendance, etc:

Prediction that Microsoft will write down the entire value of its purchase of Yahoo just like Sprint wrote down the value of its Nextel purchase:

Fourth undersea internet cable broken in 5 days…all cables close by and serving the Middle East. Extreme coincidence or conspiracy?

Bill in Utah that would restrict minor’s access to public WiFi stalls when businesses noted that it could end free WiFi in Utah:

United becomes the first major US airlines to charge people who check in a second piece of luggage–unless the person is an Elite member in their frequent fliers club or they buy a more expensive ticket:

Apple now has a 16 GB iPhone, double the memory of the previous highest model:

Electronic Arts predicts that the PS3 will be 2nd to the Wii, beating out the Xbox 360. The PS3 and Xbox are predicted to tie in the US but the PS3 is predicted to beat the Xbox in Europe:


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