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February 6, 2008

LOTD for February 6

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Sad day for me as a former NASA employee…starting in 2010, NASA is looking at paying Russia to get crew and cargo to the space station:

Tiny robots enable anyone (no medical training needed!) to perform minimally invasive surgeries anywhere. The robot is placed INSIDE the patient. They tested this with NASA astronauts:

Hovering lounger is based on the landspeeder in Star Wars:

Update on the 700 MHz spectrum auction–looks like Verizon is the big winner of the C block and Google may be happy to be outbid:

Kuwaiti firm may be looking to buy a big piece of either Sprint or Clearwire:

A *fifth* undersea internet cable was cut in the Middle East!

Spies are collecting information via YouTube:

Interesting follow-up article on the use of Game Theory to make LAX more secure vs. terrorists:

Wind farms endanger UK national security because they create gaps in radar coverage:

Highlights of the Department of Homeland Security’s $50.5 bil budget include $1.3 bil for counter-IED efforts:

Gyoza (Chinese dumplings) sold in Japan were apparnetly poisoned on purpose. All came from one Chinese company:

Nintendo filed patents for some interesting Wii accessories:

Extensive Japanese study found no link between cell phone use and brain tumors:


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