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February 9, 2008

LOTD for February 9

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95% of baby bottles use Bisphenol A (BPA) to make the hard plastic…they leech harmful toxins, and 95% of Americans of Americans tested have BPA:

Amazing that this women was able to steal from some of the most secure buildings in DC over a 4+ year period:

Israel is looking to give their pilots drugs from the Viagra family in order to combat fatigue and dizziness:

al-Qaeda in Iraq admits that they made big mistakes in Iraq (breaking the fingers of men who smoke is NOT a way to try to get them to join you!), turning many Iraquis against them, so they are trying to shift their tactics:

Knee-mounted brace generates electricity from the person’s stepping action and the electricity is enough to charge 10 cell phones at once!

Robotic glider is powered by heat energy from the ocean:

A single Big Mac meal from McDonald’s contains ingredients from 20 plant species!

Academic researchers are under attacks, even via physical violence, by anti-animal research extremists:

Liquid bandages could be great for military and civilian injuries:

New ceiling fan design can reduce power usage by 2/3:

IPv6 is coming…the transition period may be a little painful:

It looks like Verizon is selling $4 bil in bonds, just about the amount of money that winning the 700 MHz spectrum auction will cost them:

Ireland is considering switching their rules and having people drive on the right side of the road (instead of the left side they use now) because there have been so many auto accidents by tourists and workers from outside of Ireland who are used to driving on the right side:

Victoria’s Secret had the most-watched ad during the Super Bowl:

It looks like the Writers’ Strike is over!

CBS Sports is providing a March Madness utility for the NCAA tournament:


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