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February 11, 2008

LOTD for February 11

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Chinese hackers have been attacking classified Australian networks:,23599,23189063-1702,00.html

The Navy has a research project going on to try to disrupt the economy of an enemy country via man-made floods and droughts:

The Air Force is asking for an additional $19 bil (on top of the $144 bil it already is budgeted for), more than 2.5 times the additional requests for the Army and Marines combined!

Amazing that our government is looking to give out a $1 bil contract to private contractors for security in Africa:

Yahoo has restarted merger talks with AOL as a way to stay away from Microsoft:

Motorola is looking to merge its wireless division with Nortel’s, selling off their handset division:

Apparently, Motorola and Nortel have been talking about this for over a month:

Starbucks switched from T-Mobile to AT&T for its WiFi service. Any Starbucks card holder (which is free!) can get 2 hours per day of free WiFi at Starbucks:

Earthlink pulls the plug on its municipal WiFi business and is looking to sell it:

Blackberry service went out through North America:

TV ratings are down but ad prices are up due to the demand:

Discussion about why so many of the major media companies are keeping their stuff off of YouTube:

Las Vegas is making its own social networking site, for people to meet online and plan activities before they get to Vegas:

The number of coupons offered are going to increase significantly due to the shaky economy:

The government in Serbia has officially banned grumpiness, gossiping, mini-skirts, and rudeness in hospitals. Hospital staff cannot criticize the hospital or their bosses, and they have to stop taking bribes (people give cash or gifts to get better treatment):

36-year-old bride died during the first dance at her wedding reception, less than an hour after she was married:


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