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February 13, 2008

LOTD for February 13

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A Chinese spy ring has been broken up in New Orleans–they were offering bribes for information on US military sales to Taiwan:

Interesting in-depth article about a former intelligence analyst who saw firsthand the result of a bombing he helped target…5 years later he is a human rights activist. He was in the Pentagon when it was hit on 9/11 and he thought he would be focusing his efforts on Afghanistan, but instead he was directed to study Iraq and he did not support that war:

Los Alamos has had 19 nuclear safety violations and 57 classified information breaches in the last 5 years:

The US is looking into shooting down the failing spy satellite:

Controversial device only targets young people because their ears can hear the high-pitched tones:

A bird flu pandemic would cost Ireland a lot of money:

Wired wallpaper could eliminate the need for outlets in homes:

“Whiskered” robotic rat is being developed to get a sense of touch to guide its actions:

Lockheed wins a $40 mil biometrics deal that has options that make it a potential $1 bil deal:

Financial Analyst says that a 3G iPhone may be here in about 6 months (this article is for the AOTD reader who asked yesterday):

TI just demonstrated an Android phone:

Article about how Android will not be the write-once, run-anywhere development platform some are hyping it to be:

Yahoo just bought online video company technology company Maven Networks for $160 mil:

After much complaint, Facebook users may be able to delete their accounts:

Japan is planning to create a space solar power system, with giant solar collectors in a GEO orbit sending sending signals to ground stations that will produce 1 gigawatt of electricity for Japan:


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