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February 14, 2008

LOTD for February 14

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Toxic blue-green algae in the South Pacific found to create a potent cancer-fighting drug!

The FBI is concerned about how sales have spiked for a book that details holes in US airport security. The book also discusses how one of the 9/11 terrorists had a gun and shot one of the passengers!

Car has been developed that can drive on land, float on water, and even dive 33 feet below water! It was inspired by a James Bond movie:

New self-correction schemes may enable Intel and AMD to boost processor performance and cut power:

Prototype power plant shattered the record for solar energy efficiency–31.25% net efficiency:

Chlorine bombs have been a problem in Iraq and it is easy to obtain the needed materials in the US:

Nano-bristle t-shirt created that gathers energy from the motions of the body as the wearer goes through the day:

Zinc ozide nanowires in shirts generate electricity–nice explanation and photos here:

Our clothing soon may be able to generate enough electricity to power our personal electronic devices!

The slowing economy has led to a reduction in R&D spending:

MySpace to merge with Yahoo? The combined entity would be largely owned by News Corp.

Google didn’t even have a booth at the Mobile World Conference but others focused a lot of attention on them:

Prediction is that we will go from an average of 1 cell phone per person to an average of *2* devices per person:

Microsoft’s 2nd-generation white spaces device failed, tarnishing the other groups working on white space devices:

T-Mobile users will still get to use the WiFi in Starbucks for at least 5 years:

Google says they aren’t making a Google phone because they want every phone to be able to work with their services:,dwp_uuid=e8477cc4-c820-11db-b0dc-000b5df10621.html

For some weird reason, North Korea is mounting AK-47s as anti-aircraft weapons:


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