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February 17, 2008

LOTD for February 17

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Nice summary of the latest information on the mission to shoot down the failing spy satellite:

The American Apparel CEO really seems out of control to me…the sexual harassment was bound to happen:,0,6365222,full.story

Interesting study found that people think that wine tastes better when they are told it is more expensive. It seems our tongues mistake price for quality:

Interesting (and sad) study about some people who never admit mistakes at work…even planning in advance who they will blame when the project fails:

This study seems to have found a link between air pollution and sperm mutations that lead to birth defects:

UCLA researchers found a link between air pollution in LA and birth defects. Apparently, exposure to air pollution in the second month of pregnancy (when baby’s organs begin developing) significantly increases the chance of birth defects:

This study found a similar link in a 3-year study in Texas:

This paper summarizes the research done on air pollution and birth defects:

This study links pollution in the 20 biggest cities in the US to shortened life times:


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