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February 19, 2008

LOTD for February 19

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Big shortage of engineers is expected due to increased demand, retiring of the baby boomers, plus the 3% decrease in Engineering students getting bachelor’s degrees (while there has been a 50% increase in overall bachelor degrees)

Fingerprint scanner installed at a UK nursery…increasing safety of the kids with little privacy objections so far:

15-year-old girl apparently caught the bird flu from her mother, person-to-person transmission of the bird flu would make things much more dangerous now:

Apparently US Customs officials can copy any files from a hard drive going through customs and even seize laptops or cell phones:

Terrorism analysts say that Europe has a much bigger terrorism threat than the US, with the people in Europe planning terrorist attacks in Europe citizens of the country they are plotting against:

The US is planning to distribute comic books (contract goes to a private contracting company) to get the Iraqi public to like the Iraqi forces better:

These guys did the math and concluded that the risk of the dying satellite is minimal even if it is not shot down:

The attempt to shoot down the satellite will occur tomorrow night, with the debris cloud going over Canada, Africa, and Australia:

More U.S. Government employees could telecommute, which would save money, time, and help the environment:

$500k prize offered for technology to speed up the airport lines:

Physicist came up with a better way to board a plane–he suggests 10 people at a time in every other row:

Intel Capital to invest $2 bil to revive the Sprint/Clearwire deal?

WiFi-WiMAX roaming agreements are starting to take off in Europe, with WiMAX at 3.5 GHz and WiFi at 2.4:;jsessionid=OTG3SKXI0IQGAQSNDLPSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=206501777&articleID=206501777

Chinese company is leading an effort to try to cover the entire Beijing area with WiFi, hopefully before the Olympics:

The 700 MHz spectrum auction seems to basically be over…so everyone will find out who got what pieces of the spectrum and they will try to figure out why one block’s auction failed:

“Unlimited” mobile data plan in Canada actually has a lot of caps on usage:

Verizon is now offering a flat-rate, all-you-can-talk (and text message and surf) plan, the first from a 1st-tier US provider:

400,000 unlocked iPhones may currently be in use in China!

Lots of free software from Microsoft for college students or graduates:

Toshiba apparently will not make the HD-DVD players anymore:

Microsoft doesn’t expect the HD-DVD news to hurt XBox 360 sales:

Microsoft won’t talk about the expected drop in price of their HD-DVD drives for the XBox 360 and their expected future support of Blu-ray:

This person feels that Microsoft is coming out ahead because they can easily add Blu-ray support to the XBox 360 while Sony lost a lot of money by putting it in every PS3:

This article points out that Sony putting the Blu-ray in every PS3 was critical in Blu-ray beating out HD-DVD:

MTV owns Nickelodeon and just went for an even younger demographic…they just bought a network of web sites for expectant mothers:

McDonald’s, Sam Adams, and White Cloud have really improved their brand perception:

Pepsi and Coke are very concerned about the slowing of bottled water sales, so they are responding via celebrity endorsements and charitable causes:


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