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February 20, 2008

LOTD for February 20

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Google, Soros (billionaire investor), and Omidyar (investment fund from the founders of eBay) set up a venture capital fund for small and medium size businesses in India:

Microsoft had to pull the Vista Service Pack 1 update due to problems it was causing:

Looks like the failing spy satellite is part of a bad defense program–Boeing burned through $10 bil (including $5 bil or so of cost overruns) before the government took the contract away from them and gave it to Lockheed…but Lockheed has also had problems:

Cell phone service on the MOON is being planned by the US and UK, full 4-bar coverage is planned for 2020:

Startup uses balloons 20 miles up as mini-cell towers to provide coverage in rural areas, Google may be interested in buying them:

AT&T and T-Mobile kind of matched Verizon’s flat-rate unlimited plan:

There is a worry by investors that the Verizon plan will result in a price war between cellular carriers that will hurt profits of each company:

Uranium smugglers were caught on the India-Nepal border:

The technology reviewer really likes his Roomba!


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