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February 21, 2008

LOTD for February 21

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Article about the successful shot at the failing spy satellite:

Analytic Graphics software (I think I learned how to use the program they used!) was used to simulate the shooting of the failing satellite:

Here is a video of the satellite being hit:

The FAA is warning all planes to stay away from Midway Island, as that is where the debris is predicted to fall over the next 2 days. However, nobody has warned the people who actually live on Midway Island:

The kickbacks and bribes that have gone on in Iraq is just amazing and shameful…especially when they actually didn’t care if they put U.S. soldiers at risk:,0,195925,full.story

Scientists are working on a project called “Green Freedom” that converts carbon dioxide in the air into fuel (gas, jet fuel, etc.). If this works, this could mean that cars will not contribute to global warming in the future:

Rising oil prices is resulting in more and more cellular base stations going green–often using BOTH solar and wind energy to power a base station:

$1.6 bil is the estimated cost to bring the US’s “failing infrastructure” to “good condition”. It is interesting that the study found that each $1 bil invested in infrastructure creates between 40,000 and 50,000 jobs and generates $2 bil in U.S. economic activity:,284025.shtml

Looks like national security and political concerns are causing a big problem for the Bain/3Com/Huawei deal:

Sprint is expected to respond to Verizon’s flat-rate unlimited plan by undercutting Verizon’s prices by up to 40% ($60 for unlimited voice/data!)…this would definitely lead to the price war speculated in yesterday’s news:

Ericsson expects mass LTE deployment to take place in 2012:

The writer’s strike cost LA an estimated $2.5 bil:

Nintendo and Microsoft both now have game services for independent game developers:


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