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February 25, 2008

LOTD for February 25

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This special coating that improves solar cell performance will be amazing if they can get it to work properly. In theory, the energy from sunlight falling on only 9% of the Mohave Desert could provide the electricity needed for all of the US!

Interesting how the Defense Department prepared their PR campaign for shooting down the spy satellite:

Analysis of the B-2 crash on Guam. The U.S. went from 21 B-2s to 20 B-2s after the crash:

Really sad but thought-provoking story on Afghanistan operations and collateral damage. I would hate to be in the position of having to decide when to accept the killing of innocents and the responsibility of trying to figure out who is a civilian and who is an insurgent:

Article about how technology caused a lot of our operating problems in Iraq. It is interesting how insurgents threaten or blow up the cell phone towers of communities who provide tips for the U.S.:

The Taliban is demanding that cell phone service is turned off at night or they will blow up the towers in Afghanistan:

Debate over whether or not lasers or missiles would be better to defend against rockets. While I was at JPL were shot lasers at satellites in LEO orbit that were rapidly going from horizon to horizon, hitting every time…but that was for communication, not to destroy the target. And the laser we used was huge!

Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of security gaps in the design for the new World Trade Center. I hope they fix this before they start construction on Ground Zero:

New tool released to enable hackers to use Google to hack websites easier:

Information about Intel’s 6-core Xeon and Nahalem CPU have been leaked:

Covad and Cisco have given hope to the Silicon Valley WiFi effort:

The White Spaces Coalition denies that their device failed in FCC testing:;_ylt=AsA.xOSDSbFAlO0Bu3re.xAjtBAF

The first biofuel-powered flight took place yesterday:

Intel has apparently reneged on its pledge of investment in Taiwan’s WiMAX development, but the Taiwan Economic Affairs Minister says they don’t need Intel:

Japan successfully launched a high speed satellite to cover Asia in the case of any internet outage in Asia. Max bandwidth to homes is targeted for 155 Mbps and 1.2 Gbps max for businesses:;_ylt=AswaAkOME6Dn6OXUkGwV5eAjtBAF

Motorola very cleverly is trying to take advantage of the new law in Thailand that requires drivers to have a hands-free device…Motorola is happy to introduce two new bluetooth headsets in Thailand. California has a similar law to Thailand, but I do not think that they confiscate cell phones!:

An Australian team created GiFi, a single chip with 5 Gigabits per second data throughput at 10m range, operating in the 60 GHz band:

Interesting how Microsoft has a website set up to battle against negative views of Vista…they offer prizes if you get everything correct in their quiz, but their quiz questions make you parrot the Microsoft marketing and any negative perception of Microsoft is considered wrong in the quiz:

The NY Times launched ShifD, which lets readers who go to their website move content from their computer to their cell phone/smartphone/PDA:

Crest added tartar protection to their white strips to give people an excuse for using them to whiten their teeth:


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