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February 26, 2008

LOTD for February 26

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Distinguished panel of Engineers says that solar power will scale up to produce ALL of the world’s energy needs in 20 years! There is 10,000x more sunlight than needed to provide for all of the world’s energy needs:

The AIr Force Times reports that U.S. nuclear safety has been declining for years. In 2003 only 50% of Air Force units passed the nuclear safety inspection!

UK officials are concerned about airport security after Greenpeace activists were able to easily get onto the airport tarmac and climb on an airplane…all without ANY security folks noticing them!

Interview with the commander of the cruiser that shot the missile that hit the failing spy satellite:

Michigan congressman played “God’s James Bond”, with the outspoken evangelist taking strong anti-gay, anti-abortion fundamentalist positions. He’s under indictment for raising cash for an Al-Qaeda connected group:

Moth eyes inspire a new way to coat solar cells to make them more efficient:

Google is partnering with 5 telecoms to build an undersea cable to Internet traffic between the US and Japan:

Update on the ongoing Qualcomm/Nokia feud:

Qwest is dumping their Sprint deal and looking for a stronger partnership for their cellular business:

Apple’s iPhone deal in Australia could be illegal there:

Verizon’s SDK will be released on schedule apparently (Apple’s is delayed for 3 weeks or so):

Mobile music revenue is projected to hit $17.5 BILLION by 2012:

EA is trying to buy Take Two (Grand Theft Auto) for $2 bil:

Local Indian casino is building an All-comp hotel. Nobody will be able to pay for a room at the casino!:


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