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February 27, 2008

LOTD for February 27

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Hawaii has been selected as 1 of the 2 new Department of Homeland Security research locations…that is a great place to have a customer!

Report states that the U.S. is losing ground on the Global War on Terror, with the U.S. presence in Iraq fueling the worldwide Jihadi movement:

The Marines have stopped the study that is critical of the bureaucracy that delayed MRAPs being sent to Iraq. The guy writing the report has filed for whistle blower status:

It is interesting to hear what each of the top Presidential candidates have said about H-1 Visas:

Study found that solar energy costs outweigh their benefits right now and new technology is needed:

Solar panels may become the largest semiconductor market ever:

China is building the world’s first 3rd-generation nuclear power plant:

UK study found that colorless and odorless liquids brought on a plane can be used to create a bomb:

The Air Force is blocking access to blogs:

Space is apparently filled with nanometer diamonds:

Qwest dumped Sprint yesterday and today admitted that they have been in talks with Verizon:

YouTube outage globally is blamed on Pakistan’s efforts to take down a specific YouTube clip:

iTunes is now the second biggest music retailer in the U.S.:

It looks like the iPhone hasn’t hurt Blackberry sales much and Apple may not reach their iPhone target sales figure:

It is sad that Maxim magazine published a review of the Black Crowes album without actually hearing the full album. They initially defended their review by saying it was an “educated guess”, but the backlash has forced an apology now:

It is interesting how certain movie studios signed exclusive deals (totalling $150 mil) to release their HD movies only on HD-DVD, so now that HD-DVD is going away they are unsure if they can release Blu-ray movies:

Playboy has a national model search contest for “Miss Playboy Mobile 2008:


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