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February 28, 2008

LOTD for February 28

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It is disturbing that an asteroid (Apophis) is expected to hit Earth in 2036, having an impact similar to that which caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. The direction the asteroid takes as it nears Earth in 2029 will determine if it hits our planet in 2036. We cannot nuke the asteroid, but Israeli students are working on a model spacecraft to solve the problem:

Interesting how this study found that protein in human skin was altered by radiation after just 1 hour of cell phone use:

Boeing is having so many problems with the “virtual fence” border project that the first phase completion just got delayed by at least *3* years:

Obama is launching a ground-breaking political website, first to incorporate video to this extent:

T-Mobile wants to make its own 3G network in Canada:

The European Union just fined Microsoft $1.35 bil for anti-trust violations, total EU fines for Microsoft now total $2.3 bil:

The ITC ruled in favor of Nokia over Qualcomm in their patent dispute:

Google is launching Google Sites to complete with Microsoft collaboration software SharePoint. SharePoint brings in $1 bil per year for Microsoft and Google is making Google Sites available for free:

Disney is creating the Guitar Hero-like game called Ultimate Band for the Wii and DS:


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