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February 29, 2008

LOTD for February 29

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The Chairman of the National Intelligence Council described the WMD report for Iraq with an analogy about “having your year-book photo taken on the worst bad hair day ever”

The Drudge Report violated a news blackout and revealed that Prince Harry had been serving in Afghanistan for the past 3 months. The UK Army got him out of the country once the information was revealed due to concerns that he would be targeted by the Taliban:

Ricin was in a Las Vegas hotel room and a man who stayed there is in critical condition:

Pretty cool that these robots are being designed to rescue survivors in disaster areas:

Interesting discussion about whether or not robots can commit war crimes:

The Air Force is planning to spend $81 mil to increase its popularity in the US:

Here is one of the Air Force’s ads:

Robots sentrys made by General Dynamics have been tested at a Nevada base since 2005 and now the Army has ordered 24 robot sentrys in a deal worth up to $40 mil:

According to this study, Phishing attacks in the US last year caused $3.2 BILLION in losses:

Verizon’s $60 “unlimited” plan will change on Sunday to a 5 GB limit:

Looks like a 3G iPhone is coming around June, with a chip made by Infineon:

Amazing that Google’s ad revenue is up 40.1% at this time. Google’s stock price took a hit when a report predicted that their paid clicks were the same as last year…but it appears that the actual figures show that paid clicks are up 45.7%!

Google launched Google Health, which will keep patient’s health records available to the patients. X-Rays, CAT scans, and other health data will be able to be accessed online by patients. I really hope that they make everything as secure!

Google’s Google Sites will make it easy for people to put things on their personal webpages, with lots of free tools for web site creation:

NSF, Google, and IBM created a strategic relationship for Internet-scale computing:

Microsoft cut the price for Vista to get people to upgrade to it:

Disturbing photos from Abu Ghraib, which comes from a talk on how good people can turn evil:


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