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March 1, 2008

LOTD for March 1

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Amazing that Temple University got a $5 mil anonymous donation! They don’t even know if the donor is a Temple grad:

Amazing that this man graduated from college and taught high school in California for 17 years despite not knowing how to read, write, or spell!

The World Health Organization states that 1 billion people will die smoking-related deaths this century if current smoking trends continue:

Interesting study found that smokers and the obese actually end up with LESS health-care needs than healthy-living people because the healthy live longer. This contradicts the notion that smokers and overeaters cost society a lot of money:

Japanese researchers found the enzyme in onions that produces a noxious gas containing sulfur, which irritates the eyes. They found a way to turn off that gene in a way that actually enhances the oniony taste, keeping the onion smell, while making the onion “tear-free”:

Harper Collins is offering free electronic editions of its books online:

This poor guy had to get a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend because she made 10,843 calls and text messages in 65 days! The sad thing was that she justified the calls because she was pregnant and thought that her ex was the father. However, it turned out the guy she was harassing was NOT the father of her baby! She even followed him around, knocked on his door at all hours, and sent him used pregnancy tests and even a bottle of pee.


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