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March 2, 2008

LOTD for March 2

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It is pretty scary how we seem to be running out of water in this country, and electricity from places like the Hoover Dam are threatened by this:

An Israeli clean-car project is the largest recipient of VC funds ever…they have raised $200 MILLION in their first round of VC funding!

Pretty cool how this work is looking to store wind energy in batteries:

US lawmakers criticized the choice of European Northrop/EADS over Boeing for the $35 billion refuelling craft selection. It may be that Boeing’s problems with the previous tanker contract (they paid the government a record $615 mil fine) cost them this round:

Arizona Republic sharply criticized the Department of Homeland Security for its electronic border project with Boeing:

DHS defended its program with Boeing:

Huawei is projected to get a big piece of the WCDMA market:

Fake Cisco equipment (actually made in China) was sold to the Marines, Air Force, FBI, FAA, and defense contractors:

Qualcomm’s Gobi platform allows laptop manufacturers to add 3G network cards easily to their products, HP is already on board:

Sprint says that they are still talking with Clearwire about a WiMAX partnership:

ABI Research says that WiMAX’s window of opportunity is small with LTE coming fast:

Apple’s 3G iPhone will be an HSDPA device:

Apple has some controversial limitations on 3rd-party iPhone developers:

Companies who tout their green efforts are being pressured to clarify how they actually benefit the environment:

UK businessman was hit with $22,000 is fees despite having an “unlimited” data account when his wife downloaded 4 episodes of Friends to his phone:

Inventor’s patent application reveals a shape-shifting dishwasher, adjusting for the size of the load to be washed:

Microsoft settled with Visto right before their mobile e-mail patent suit went to court…not RIM has to worry about Visto’s patent suit:

This columnist is REALLY not impressed with Microsoft’s price cut for Vista:

Looks like the Coast Guard has treated some innocent boaters badly:

An editorial about today’ bombing by the US in Somalia:


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