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March 4, 2008

LOTD for March 4

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It turns out that Airbourne doesn’t work and people can get refunds even if they do not have receipts:

Nanoscale radios could really change wireless devices and medical equipment:

Famous geneticist is creating a life form that can turn CO2 into fuel!;_ylt=Ah71aP_clR9kecqG26GQ7_gPLBIF

A protein has been found that might result in a HIV vaccine:

VCs invested $3 bil last year in clean technology:

Global warming concerns and building costs have reduced the construction of new coal-fired power plants:

140-year-old math problem has finally been solved:

Big effort in solar energy going on in New Mexico:;_ylt=Ass7nF36OrVzvWk7tmdc6dQjtBAF

Interesting article on Israel’s use of UAV to target missiles at targets in Gaza. The people in the area know that the UAV is operating in their area because cell phones and TV stop working:

Looks like Boeing is preparing to protest losing the $40 bil tanker deal:

Clearwire’s loss increased from $284 mil to $728 mil and they are predicting that they will miss analyst predictions for their 2008 revenue:

Mitsubishi has about $965 mil per year in cell phone sales but cannot make a profit so they are closing their mobile phone division:

Two German Airmen are facing a court martial because they tried to get others in the Air Force to give blood for their sausage sales:

Nice analysis of the puppy killing by the marine in Iraq:

The videogame advertising business is expected to hit $1 bil by 2012:

Nice review of Wii Fit…I cannot wait to get this game!


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