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March 6, 2008

LOTD for March 6

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Daylight Savings Time was created to save energy, but a study found that it actually results in MORE energy being used due to air conditioning…something that wasn’t used much when they started Daylight Savings Time:

Forbes came up with their annual richest people in the world list and Bill Gates dropped from #1 to #3:

Toshiba is opening a U.S. nuclear-power company:

The Pentagon has banned Google Earth from video mapping bases:

Study of using MRIs to reconstruct our dreams, even read our minds!

First-ever solar cell printed by an inkjet:

The world’s largest binoculars (side-by-side 8.4 meters mirrors) is in Arizona:

The San Antonio Airport has “airport-of-first-landing” status from the Department of Homeland Security. This means that private aircraft coming to the US from other countries can fly direct to San Antonio and clear customs:

The UK government lost more than 1,000 laptops in recent years:

A Seattle company has issued the world’s first global wind map, showing where there is enough wind to justify wind farms:

iRobot was selected as a winner for the DARPA Landroid program:

The worldwide mobile industry is expected to be worth $1 trillion by the end of this year!

Rumor is the Sprint will spin off Nextel:

Rumor is the T-Mobile may buy Sprint now that its stock price has dropped so much and the dollar is so weak:

Speculation on whether or not Verizon will buy Sprint, with a mention of how Verizon decided not to buy Sprint in 2004:

Clearwire is cutting back on its WiMAX build-out as it tries to save money:

Tata (in India) launched the biggest WiMAX network in the world:

WiMAX is considered a significant interference threat to C-band satellite systems:

Samsung and Addidas team for a “fitness phone”, with hearbeat monitor and step counter. It even tells you when you are jogging too slowly:

Google gave a lot more information on their Android platform, including how they are not looking to make money on it now:

Brain imaging shows that cell phone use affects driving (37% of brain activity related to driving reduced!):

Americans would give up the Internet, TV, and landline phones before they would give up their cell phone!

Phillipine mobile users are the world’s greatest senders of text messages:

Yahoo bought itself some time to decide whether or not it wants the Microsoft offer:

Penthouse is planning a $250 mil IPO:

Cool review of the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan screening that my family went to:


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