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March 7, 2008

LOTD for March 7

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Court ruling could really change home-schooling…especially is parents are required to have a teaching credential!

It is sad that there are around 100,000 US soldiers who have permanent hearing damage due to their service in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Top Air Force energy officials plan to sign a letter of intent by November (before the next Presidential election) to make sure that they can build at least one small, next-generation nuclear-power plant on an Air Force base in the coming decades (the full URL is too long and you need a subscription to read it anyway):

This articles analyzes why the Air Force wants to build small nuclear power plants. I do find it interesting that their reactor will provide electricity for the base AND the surrounding community:

Looks like the Navy makes $14 mil per year from this geothermal power plant–the electricity is sold to Southern California Edison:

Thank you to Ben for this article–Chinese hackers say that no site is safe…they say they even hacked into the Pentagon!

The Gates Foundation created a $100 mil grant program for health research:

Wind-turbine manufacturing plant opened in Windsor, Colorado:

UK factory worker was forced to shut down his domain because he couldn’t handle the massive amounts of e-mail that he was received from the US and UK…classified, highly sensitive material that he kept receiving even after informing those concerned that he shouldn’t have been getting the e-mails! They started to take him seriously after he complained that they sent him the detailed flight plan for President Bush…information that terrorists would literally kill themselves for was being sent to him against his wishes!

Article about how US cellular carriers should sell laptops at a discount to attract customers, just as is done in Europe and Russia:

There are 3.1 billlion cell phone users now and projections are for 5 billion users by 2012 (75% of the world’s population):

IBM has developed a “green optical network”:

Microsoft and Google (plus 2 other companies) are rumored to be bidding to buy Digg:


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