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March 9, 2008

LOTD for March 9

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Quantum dots may lead to a “Rainbow” Solar Cell, which would be more efficient because it could harvest more of the spectrum of sunlight. It is pretty cool that the rainbow cells could be made into windows for homes–instead of installing solar panels we could just use different windows in our home:

International competition judged that LA has the best tasting tap water in the world. I actually in the city of LA for 3 years and either things changed a lot since the mid-90s or the judges have no taste buds…,2933,332173,00.html

New Medicaid rules could cost States $13 billion in new costs…governors are NOT happy but Bush says the changes are needed:

US Consumers $9.7 billion on movie tickets last year…and $23 billion on DVD/VHS:

Interestingly, this was the first year in a decade or so that DVD revenues decreased from the previous year:

Fewer Americans are golfing each year, with family obligations and lack of time some of the factors:

I’m pretty surprised that Florida lawmakers are seriously considering a confederate flag license plate:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants companies to stop using English business terms like “mouse”, “marketing”, “staff”, and “password”:

I love this story about Nubs the dog and the marine he adopted in Iraq:


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