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March 11, 2008

LOTD for March 11

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Admiral Fallon, commander of the US Central Command, just resigned. He was seen as the one person in power who was pushing against an armed conflict with Iran:

The alarming increase in CO2 emissions by China endangers the effort to curb greenhouse gasses:

Senator describes the black market in H-1B Visas:

Defense News has a nice summary of the news on the Boeing protest over the tanker deal:

The Project on Government Oversight looks at Boeing’s protest over the tanker deal:

It looks like the tanker deal is very favorable to EADS…and the $120 mil in tax credits they get from Alabama doesn’t hurt either:

No wonder they found drugs in our drinking water…there are 300 million people in the US and there were 3.7 BILLION prescriptions last year, with an additional 3.3 billion nonprescription drug purchases!

Carnegie Mellon researchers created a version of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak for nanoparticles:

Weapons-ready plutonium will be shipped from the UK to France in an unarmed ship! This is perfect dirty bomb material for terrorists…

Ericsson predicts that WiFi hotspots will eventually go away just like telephone booths:

NextWave developed a mobile TV system for WiMAX phones:

Interesting how movie attendance generally increases during hard economic times:

This Siberian women’s prison holds a beauty pagent each year:

Microsoft cut Xbox 360 prices by up to 28% in Europe:

Free website for those who want to follow March Madness on their cell phones:

The actress who played Mary Ann on Giligan’s Island was busted for pot on her way home from her 69th birthday:


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