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March 12, 2008

LOTD for March 12

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Article analyzing whether or not Rush Limbaugh encouraging Republican voters in Ohio to change their party affiliation and vote for Hilary (since he thinks she will be easier to beat than Obama) was a violation of Ohio state law…those bragging about what they did online could be prosecuted for the felony offense, but it isn’t likely that will be attempted:

IEDs come with warning labels now?

Specialized camera being demonstrated this week can see through clothing from 80 feet away, great for security scans in high traffic areas…but I do wonder if this could be misused also:

The GAO says that Lockheed’s Joint Strike Fighter program is over budget and behind schedule, with the total cost of the program projected to increase to $337 bil (45% over what it was supposed to cost when the program began). Our government asked Lockheed to refocus some attention on the program…the government is going to pay Lockheed $337 BILLION and has to tell Lockheed to pay more attention to the program?

Looks like the $35 bil tanker contract to Northrop/EADS may grow to $100 bil with follow-on orders:

Northrop/EADS will invest $600 mil in an assembly plant in Alabama, creating a fair amount of jobs there. That $600 mil investment sure doesn’t look that huge considering the contract could be worth $100 bil:

Japan’s first space lab will be the world’s biggest space lab:

Brazil has more than 5 million “flexi-fuel” (gas/ethanol) cars, with almost 90% of new cars able to use ethanol:

Startup company is looking to commercialize University of Maryland’s breakthrough technique to turn trash into ethanol via a bacteria:

Motorola’s former cell phone head just got a $2 mil buyout:

Nokia’s stock price dropped when TI warned about a weaker 3G market:

Sprint’s stock price hit a nearly 20-year low:

YouTube is making it easier for people to put videos into other applications. It is also cool how TiVo just announced a deal that will also TiVo DVRs to play YouTube videos…easy access to play them on TVs instead of just computer screens!

Google just closed its $3.1 bil acquisition of DoubleClick:

Looks like IT outsourcing is headed for the Middle East (Egypt first):

The biggest newspapers in this country have seen major decreases in subscribers over the past 4 years! LA Times down 20%, SF Chronicle down 30%, and the Boston Globe down 20% are the biggest decliners.

The biggest IT security threat to companies is from insiders, with 72% of successful attacks due to insiders:

University of Alabama-Huntsville researchers have developed a camera that is much better for surveillance:

After this cell phone reseller ended his marriage in China, his soon-to-be ex-wife gathered his more than 400 cell phones and set them on fire on their bed:


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