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March 13, 2008

LOTD for March 13

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Volkswagen has a 70 MPG hybrid (diesel-electric) Golf that pollutes even less than the Prius or Civic hybrids:

Honda is debuting a new hybrid car in September. The car will be smaller than the Civic/Prius and will use Honda’s new hybrid system:

Zap is selling a plug-in hybrid kit that will enable the Prius to get 120 MPG and the hybrid Hylander get 90 MPG! Unfortunately, the kit costs $24,000:

It is interesting to read about Obama’s “earmark” funding targets…I like the work on trying to make a hybrid Hummer, but the compact tactical laser program seems like a waste of money to me based on what I saw and heard from JPL’s laser group (though I haven’t had much contact with them for 5 years so technology could have changed):

It is also interesting to me to see how much we are spending on space weapon work:

Looks like the US has a much bigger reserve of Thorium than previously reported, this is a huge potential energy source:

New nonlethal weapons use flashing LEDs to incapacitate people:

The US’s Visa-free agreemnt with Latvia and Estonia has caused a controversy with the European Commission:

The California beef plant head finally admitted their facility problem during a House Hearing after he was shown a video taken at his plant–his written testimony that day had denied the problems, but he was forced to back down after seeing the video:

Cool project looks to convert CO2 into energy–generating energy while cleaning up the environment!

Analyst expects that Qualcomm and Nokia will settle their lawsuits in months and that the 2% or more that Qualcomm will get in royalties will boost Qualcomm’s earnings. He changed Qualcomm from a “hold” to a “buy”:

The new iPhone software has already been hacked, and this time the hack will ensure that it will work for all future iPhone software updates!

German State demands $92 mil from Nokia for closing a plant–Nokia wants to close the plant in Germany and open one in Romania (cheaper labor), but Nokia was given huge subsidies to build the “permanent” plant in Germany and the government wants the subsidy returned with interest if the plant is closed:

NextWave signed an agreement with Alcatel-Lucent for NextWave’s WiMAX TV system to be used on Alcatel-Lucent’s solutions portfolio. The WiMAX TV system is based on what NextWave got when they bought IPWireless. Huawei also signed on for MXtv from NextWave earlier this week:

European tech growth has been much faster than US growth and they are about to pass the US in business use of WiFi hotspots:

Google’s European headquarters in Zurich seem to be pretty cool–I would really like that slide (thanks to Tom for the article):

Article about the huge plans for WiMAX in India by Tata:

Tongue-in-cheek article that discusses a serious issue–the significant increase in programmers (especially from India/China) is resulting in more programmers available than there is demand for applications:

Looks like the market for celebrity-focused magazines is decreasing…I don’t think that the market can support so many magazines in this area:

Interesting to see what the CEOs of 10 of the biggest public wireless companies made in 2006:

Looks like Nintendo will have a huge hit for the Wii with Super Smash Brothers:

Gibson Guitar sued Activision for violating its patent for Guitar Hero:


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