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March 14, 2008

LOTD for March 14

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Interesting study found that children with odd names got worse grades and were less popular than regular named classmates in elementary school. Those with unusual names are more likely to flunk out of college or “psychoneurotic” and bosses are more likely to ignore their resumes. Unusually names people are more likely to be emotionally disturbed children and psychiatric patients:

Article about how global warning threatens national security and could destabilize the planet:

Example of how the army uses laser “dazzlers” to zap bicyclists and cars as a way to clear traffic. This looks like something from a video game, but it really is a video taken in Afghanistan:

Looks like the National Reconnaissance Office had one too many failures and now has its power taken away:

Facial recognition systems are becoming popular at DMVs and in some companies, but privacy concerns are preventing it from getting used more widely:

Major advances have been made in voice biometrics:

Bill Gates lobbied for more spectrum for WiFi in the US:

Yahoo and Microsoft are apparently in informal talks about Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo:

Facebook’s new program will pay 10% commissions to people who recommend products to their friends:

US game industry sales remain strong, with the Wii far ahead but the PS3 beating the XBox 360 for the second month in a row for 2nd place:

Strange-looking glasses will prevent people from losing their keys, iPod, or cell phone…but what if you forget where you put the glasses? Note: I wrote my line after reading the first article, then the 2nd article used the same line!

This week was National Science and Engineering week in the UK and this article discusses how defense companies look to science and engineering to improve their systems:

No wonder we have had so many outbreaks of E. coli (20 serious outbreaks since 1995), as our inspection process is horrible! Instead of inspecting spinach facilities every year like they are supposed to, the FDA visits them every 2.4 years. About half the time they found serious sanitary problems but they did not take meaningful enforcement action. Remember the serious spinach outbreak in 2006? FDA investigators found repeated problems at that company’s facilities before that but nothing was done to force the company to get back into code:

Kentucky law proposed to outlaw anonymous comments on blogs and message boards, requiring registration including name, address, and e-mail address:


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