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March 17, 2008

LOTD for March 17

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Looks like there is a HUGE oil source in North Dakota (up to 100 million barrels of oil!), twice the size of Alaska’s oil reserves but *without* the environmentally sensitive concerns that exist in Alaska! This could meet ALL of the oil needs for the US for several decades:

University of Texas researchers found a way to stop a bullet in mid-air:

An F-16 accidentally bombed a Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment complex! Luckily, the people were not in their apartment that Thursday night:

They wanted to take an off-the-shelf helicopter and modify it for use by the President…but now that program has grown and changed into an $11.2 bil program that costs more than the Presidential Airplane program (Air Force One). Some complain that this type of explosive budget growth is all too common, and the program actually got a stop work order:

The Air Force is looking to have a system to be able to prevent their satellites from being shot down operating by 2011:

The Pentagon-funded robotic mule (to carry soldier’s gear) is even better than before:

This bill will double the H-1B Visa cap and remove all caps from foreign students in graduate schools studying science, technology, or related fields in the US. This work was jointly done by UCSD and Lawrence Livermore Labs:

This startup company focused on energy from ocean waves just raised $24 mil from VCs:

Millions of people in the southwestern US rely upon Lake Mead for water, but there is a 50% chance projected that Lake Mead will be dry by 2021:

It is very sad that this anti-aging research published in two journals by a professor at a very good school in South Korea had to be withdrawn because the professor faked the work:

Health insurance companies are looking to outsource an increasing amount of the big ticket health procedures–they waive the deductible, co-pays, pay for travel costs for the patient and his/her family AND pay a cash incentive and still come out way ahead:

Injecting the protein follistatin into the leg muscles of mice was found to increase their muscle size and strength 4x, with good results over an extended period of time for both young and old mice. This treatment is meant for muscular dystrophy patients, but I do wonder if/when athletes will get hold of it in their quest for an edge over the competition:

A big security flaw was just discovered in RFID:

Google exec says that Android-based phones will outsell the iPhone:

ABI says that 4G subscribers will hit 90 million by 2013:

Performance enhancing drugs have now apparently reached professional *billiards*, and the German national champion is now banned from competition for a year:

I feel really bad for this poor woman…but I don’t know if American Airlines should be liable for this:


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