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March 19, 2008

LOTD for March 19

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The Rolls-Royce engine has been found to not last as long as planned for and the Marines are looking to get a different engine for the V-22 Osprey…not great PR for the Osprey after all of those delays and cost overruns:

Georgia Tech work for DARPA MEMS has resulted in a cyborg moth that can live into adulthood:

The new H-1B bill would more than double Visas but would end Visas for 3rd party consultants:

Interesting how research on the US power grid resulted in a breakthrough in gene therapy:

The $700 MHz auction has closed and it raised over $19 bil:

Intel has found a way to make WiFi reach 60 miles! I had students I advised make 10 mil WiFi in 2003, but 60 miles is impressive. This sounds like what a startup company was doing awhile back in the Bay Area. This is going to be deployed soon in India and has applications for a lot of countries, especially in rural areas:

Analyst doesn’t think that Intel will make that huge rumored $2 bil investment in WiMAX:

Sony Ericsson issued a profit warning due to lower demand for their phones:

Adobe will make Flash work on the iPhone:

Vonage is still tanking:

Aerosmith is getting a dedicated version of Guitar Hero and the Beatles might also get that:,1,3551914.story


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