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March 20, 2008

LOTD for March 20

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Arizona State camera discovered salt on Mars (thanks to Ben for sending this to me):

Corporate espionage is on the rise and this Tektronix spectrum analyzer is used to help counter it:

The X Prize foundation is offering a $10 mil prize for the team that makes the most production-ready vehicle that gets 100 mpg or more:

iRobot developers talked about the crazy requirements the Army was adding to the backpack robot they wanted from iRobot. For a robot to be carried around in a backpack of a soldier until it was deployed, I have NO idea why the Army was saying the backpack bot had to have a fire extinguisher and a 100 pound ANS system!

As part of its crackdown on blogging (though they have NOT banned blogging), the Coast Guard fired this blogger:

The blogger blogged about his firing:

DARPA has an interesting program that is supposed to develop contact lenses that can display full combat information to soldiers, as in a video game:

Dell is buying $23 bil in components this year from China and $29 bil next year. China is also a big and growing market for Dell to sell computers to:

All of the cutbacks over the past years have started to have an effect…a high FDA official says that the US food inspection system is one step away from the breaking point:

UCSD scientists developed a tiny sensor that can detect homemade bombs:

Blue LEDs may be the key to reset the body clocks of tired truckers and prevent accidents:

The CEO of one of the world’s first WiMAX operators called WiMAX a “disaster” that has “failed miserably”…the funny thing is, this is the same guy who a year ago at the same gathering praised the WiMAX network that they had just deployed in Australia:

Azulstar (municipal WiFi company) will add WiMAX to enhance its network in a number of cities, including cities in Michigan and New Mexico:

Intel’s new Atom Centrino platform will have WiFi/WiMAX in 37% of devices, WiFi-only in 14%, and WiFi/HSPA in 49%. Interesting that the headline and Intel itself are focused on the WiMAX part, but the HSPA integration seems to be more prevalent:

Former head of the CTIA says that WiMAX is this decade’s PCS:

Now that the 700 MHz spectrum auction is over, Leap and MetroPCS can begin their buyout talks again:

Analyst says that Dell is about to release their smartphone, which will need to be an “iPhone killer” to make a dent on the market:

Spinvox hired Goldman Sachs last week to handle their IPO…but Spinvox instead got them $100 mil in a new funding round:

iPhone users are heavy users of the mobile web:

Google’s US market share for web searches is up in the US (both Microsoft and Yahoo lost market share) but Google was down globally:

Note: The analysts are calling Google’s 5% drop in searches last month “surprising”, but they are comparing February to January. February had 2 less days, which means that February had 6.5% less days (29/31) than January. Google had more searches per day, which is the important thing I would think. March has 2 more days than February, so the analysts are going to have headline news about how Google’s searches were up in the month of March…and if that same analyst calls the increase “surprising”, his credibility really will be suspect.

Google tests a new barcode technology for its newspaper ad program:

Interesting article about how to start a merger rumor:


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