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March 21, 2008

LOTD for March 21

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Verizon and AT&T *dominated* the 700 MHz auction, paying $16 bil of the $19.5 bil in the auction. Verizon itself accounted for nearly half of the auction. I found it interesting that Echostar (parent company of Dish Network) outbid Verizon for so much spectrum…they must have big plans for data/satellite TV for them to want to spend so much money:

Article about how Google was a winner by *not* winning the auction and instead having Verizon needing to fulfill the open access requirement:

BioBlower passed DoD tests and may soon protect US soldiers from biological attacks. If this can be made inexpensively, it would be great for people with allergies as it works a lot better than HEPA filters:

Study shows how budget cuts have made our food supply so unprotected:

This conference discussed how “green jobs” are predicted to create 850,000 jobs at existing companies in the US, not counting the new green companies:

Interesting to read about the battle between the Air Force and Defense Secretary Gates over the UAV program in Iraq. I’m surprised at the short-term thinking for Iraq that actually would try to lead to shutting down the entire training program so that we can have more Predator aircraft now in Iraq, or the suggestion by Sec. Gates to allow unqualified pilots to controls the drones:,1,1449047.story?track=rss

Interesting breakdown on how the Coast Guard published a *fake* first-person testimony on the official blog on its website. Even though though one Coast Guard chief fought against changing the words like they did, the Coast Guard went ahead and published the fake testimony:

This book REALLY goes after the Bush Administration’s military and political strategies:

Interesting that a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with no security experience was appointed by the Bush Administration to run our new National Cyber Security Center:

Bulgaria is selling Nazi tanks to collectors, and they are trying to collect all of them before looters get to them:

Nick launched a new mobile website:

GIbson is suing every store that sells Guitar Hero, trying to get it off the shelves:


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