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March 26, 2008

LOTD for March 26

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The H-1B rules are changing and they will now randomly select from the first 5 days of applications:

The Defense Intelligence Agency seemed to confuse Iraq and Iran here:

After 12 years and $350 mil, the Navy stopped its long-range GPS-guided missile program. Amazingly, it seems that pretty much every individual system failed testing at White Sands, and Raytheon already spent all of the money:

The chief spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency responded to the criticism in this blog of the missile interceptor program (in yesterday’s AOTD)…and the readers of this blog then poked all kinds of holes in his statement:

The UK Army seems to have abandoned Basra and the S will apparently be needed there to restore order, What is happening in Basra shows the downside of simply pulling out of Iraq:

The mess in Basra led tp violence in Baghdad:

Comcast and Time Warner are looking to fund a new wireless company that would be operated by Sprint and Clearwire to create a nationwide WiMAX network. Comcast would put in $1 bil and Time Warner would invest $500 mil. They are also hoping for $1 bil from Intel, as they need $5 bil to build the network:

Motorola is splitting into two companies, one company will have the mobile phone business and the other will have the network business. Looks like Icahn got his way:

Verizon won the spectrum that was allocated for open access service, but this article says that the network Verizon runs on that spectrum may not be as open as hoped:

AOL is trying to change itself from an ISP to a full-service digital-advertising company:

India’s Tata bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford for $2.3 bil. That is only 40% of what Ford paid for the brands, plus Ford will contribute $600 mil of that $2.3 bil to the pension plans of Jaguar and Land Rover:

Tata and Yahoo partner for cloud computing research in India:

Article about Virginia Tech’s work on cognitive radio for defense and emergency responder purposes:

Three days after trying to charge $50 to remove unwanted software from the new laptops it sold, Sony had to back off and take away the fee:

The NY Times did a major redesign of their paper today:

This guy got out of jail…and then tried to carjack a car in the jail parking lot! Unfortunately for him, the car had a manual transmission and he didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission car:


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