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March 27, 2008

LOTD for March 27

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AT&T’s CEO says they are having a hard time finding skilled workers to fill the 5000 jobs they moved from India to the US. He says that in some areas the high school dropout rate is 50%! He said that they can do product engineering just as easily in Bangalore as they can do it in Austin:

Awesome article on the Navy Seals. They did a GREAT job at getting the tribes in Iraq (there are 101 tribes!) to be friendly to us instead of hostile:

Looks like the troops in the field in Iraq figured out a way to make the LandWarrior equipment useful in the field…now the soldiers want more of the LandWarrior systems, a big change from how they wanted to junk it before:

Looks like the first nuclear reactor to power a base (remember that was in the AOTD a month or two ago) will be on an Air Force base in New Mexico:

Colorado city had to shut down its water supply due to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning. The water is not even safe enough to shower in! It might take up to 14 days for the water supply to be cleared:

Miami (and Houston) police asked the FAA for clearance to use UAVs:

Icahn wrote a VERY strongly worded letter to Motorola’s board. He’s happy that they will be splitting the company like he had been pushing for, but he’s not satisfied with the way they are doing it. He called the Motorola board a country club and pointed out that he clearly doesn’t trust their promises:

Verizon just sued a telemarketing company that had been trying to target its customers:

Another article about how the head of the Australian WiMAX pioneers trashed WiMAX as a disaster and all hype:

Airspan responded to the criticisms by saying that the Australian company bought cheap equipment and didn’t spend enough money:

Google is now stepping up their efforts to use the “white spaces” TV spectrum for internet access:

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs said that the mediaFLO mobile TV service is going slower than he had hoped. It is interesting that 60% of the graduates that Qualcomm hires out of US Universities were born in other countries–Jacobs says that reflects the US/foreign ratio in school in the technical fields:

The rumblings seem to indicate that a 3G iPhone is coming quite soon, especially due to poor European iPhone sales (attributed to the lack on 3G support on the current iPhone). The claim is that Apple has already ordered 10 million 3G iPhones:

Analyst says that WiMAX will remain just a niche service in India in 2009 despite the government and industry push behind it:;jsessionid=L3JDLVV13W0P4QSNDLSCKHA?articleID=206905945

Comcast, Google, AND Intel each to put up $1 bil for the Clearwire/Sprint WiMAX network? Time Warner to put up $500 mil and Brighthouse to put up $100 – $200 mil? I can why Clearwire and Sprint would hope that these other companies will pay for the construction of their WiMAX network…I just do not see it happening:

China approved the second phase of their lunar probe program. Interesting that Chinese Universities are competing with their designs for moon rovers:

Sharp is investing $729 mil to build the world’s biggest solar cell plant, to be located in western Japan:

Google is offering YouTube users a free tool that will allow them to monitor where, when, and how often their videos are played:

Dallas strip club had a *12-year-old* girl strip…but strangely, Dallas laws prevent the club from being closed due to employing a minor as a stripper!

Idaho police saw this guy throw a McDonald’s hamburger at another car…they tasered the guy!


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