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March 28, 2008

LOTD for March 28

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Amazing find of a voice recording from 1860! This beats Edison by 17 years! Thanks to Ben for the article.

The US outsourced all of their electronic passports to overseas companies, including one that has already been compromised by Chinese hackers. The Inspector General says that this compromises US security:

The accuracy of the first Hi-Tech census for the US is already being questioned and the census is projected to cost well above their budget. This was supposed to be the first time they used handheld computers instead of pen-and-pencil, but the census takers apparently do not know how to use the handheld computers! Harris was given a $596 mil contract for the handheld computers, but the software they delivered was inadequate to transmit the large amount of data necessary. So, the $596 mil contract Harris was given might jump to $2 bil if they want to get something working:

The US is stepping up their use of UAVs in Pakistan to target al Qaeda with unilateral strikes. The effectiveness of this strategy is questioned, as there are tradeoffs:

The Pentagon ordered an inventory of all nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons-related material. Remember 4 nuclear warhead fuses were shipped to Taiwan and nobody realized that until Taiwan complained:

Columbian rebels actually had 66 pounds of Uranium and were looking to make a dirty bomb…if you trust the Columbian government’s word:,1,5981373.story

Charity is campaigning against machine-gun weilding autonomous robots (which do not exist now):

The Air Force is actually asking contractors to come up with their strategy for the next 20 years:

Sprint had a HORRIBLE year last year…but their CEO got $21.8 mil, up 47% from 2006:

AT&T is going to launch its mobile TV service via MediaFLO in May:

Both Google and Yahoo are now including video ads with their search results…but they are doing it in very different ways:

New Chinese law could be a big problem for Microsoft’s attempt to buy Yahoo:

Splitting into 2 companies will result in Motorola laying off R&D engineers and those who support the R&D group:

China is *finally* going to begin commercial trials of their 3G standard, TD-SCDMA:

In 2007 WiFi phone sales were up 61% and WiFi equipment sales were up 20% (to $1.9 bil)

Crest factor reduction algorithms from CDMA are being promoted for OFDM systems to reduce peak-to-average power ratios:

Streaming HD video is being tested by CBS:

India’s top marksmen on their Olympic team are upset that they do not have ammunition to train with:


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