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March 30, 2008

LOTD for March 30

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This popular park (10 million visitors per year!) in Amsterdam has dog owners upset because dogs are no longer allowed to be in the park without leashes…while public sex in the park is allowed:

Interesting study found that placebos were more effective when people pay more for them…this may indicate why many people feel that name-brand drugs are more effective than generic drugs:

Mis-addressed text message and the response from the woman who mistakenly thought it was from someone else let to an engagement! They sure have a cute “how we met” story:

Wisconsin woman spent 6 days in jail because she couldn’t return her library books in time and couldn’t pay the fines:

Accused mafia member in was sent home after the Sicilian court ruled that he was too fat for any jail cell in Italy:

French village outlawed dying, threatening severe punishments!,23599,23333951-13762,00.html

This book claims that the true cost of the Iraq war will end up being $3 trillion:

It is ironic how the sleeping little girl who was featured in Hilary’s “It’s 3 a.m.” commercial (the footage is 8 years old) is campaigning for Obama:

After 14 straight years of rapid growth, the number of high school graduates will slowly decline starting next year, which may change the college application process over time:

Interesting book on the background on fortune cookies in the US:

Excerpt from the interesting book “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles”:


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