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April 1, 2008

April 1 edition of the links

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Google and Virgin created Virgle, a project to put a permanent human colony on Mars in 100 years. Interesting 100 year plan with the first base on Mars established in 2015:

Interesting research on special soils to combat global warming. Apparently, some soils absorb carbon dioxide!

Engadget is being sued by T-Mobile because of their use of the color magenta, which T-Mobile trademarked in Germany!

Note: Engadget posted this yesterday and is explicit about how this is NOT an April Fool’s joke:

Microsoft’s white spaces device failed again during FCC testing. Microsoft’s prototype that they submitted to the FCC couldn’t even work in a lab environment…things are so bad with the device that a Microsoft spokesman said that the FCC should just test the non-Microsoft devices:

16 manufacturers are making digital projectors that plug into cell phones! The long-range plan is to embed projectors into cell phones like cameras are being put into cell phones now:

Since 2003 the volume of WiFi sales is up 10x and the revenue from the sales is up 5x:

The International Olympic Committee is putting pressure on China to make sure that Internet access is open (not censored, as the Internet normally is in China) during the Olympics. The Chinese government signed a contract promising that when they were awarded the Olympics:

Microsoft says that it doesn’t plan to raise its bid for Yahoo:

Videocon said that it is interested in bidding for Motorola’s handset business:

Obama is campaigning in Pennsylvania and his campaign scheduled a bowling outing. He bowled a 37! I like how Obama told the people watching that his economic plan is better than his bowling and a man called out “it better be!”:

Interesting discussion on how this popular blogger doesn’t know what his salary is because his company is changing their “pageview rate” pay and won’t tell them in advance the new rate. This guy got 557,449 page views in March, so changing the value of his page views could really change his pay check! When his employer tells him that he’s going to get a “modest reduction” and won’t tell him what that reduction will be, I can understand why this guy is concerned!


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