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April 2, 2008

LOTD for April 2

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Virgle was such a successful April Fool’s Day prank that Branson’s CTIA speech was received seriously at CTIA yesterday:

There is a LOT of earmarks (pork) in the defense bill, as this report reveals. Teaching golf to kids as part of a defense bill?

Amazing that the Army awarded a contract for ammo to a new company to supply munitions to Afghanistan’s army and police forces…the new company is headed by a 22-year-old and his VP is a massuer! Not surprisingly, the Afghan forces had a lot of problem with the ammo:

Retiring the Space Shuttle in 2010 could cost 8600 jobs, with the main losses at Cape Canaveral, Florida and New Orleans:

Interesting to read about the “space elevator” work being studied, but a few technical issues must be overcome before it is feasible:

Impressive that BMW’s hydrogen-powered vehicle exceeds the SULEV emission standards. Also I found it interesting that BMW is looking at algae instead of corn for a fuel source for the cow:

China and the US have agreed to work together for green issues:

Interesting how some companies scam the H-1B system and actually are Indian outsourcing companies:

Microsoft is extending the deadline for sales of Windows XP to low-cost laptops:

Nokia demonstrated its WiFi/WiMAX tablet at CTIA:

Thank you to Steve for sending me this study on cell phones and cancer:

Analyst predicts that Wii Fit will have HUGE sales in the US. It is great that it so exceeded expectations in sales in Japan…except that meant that they didn’t have enough to sell in the US and had to push the release date back from January to May!

Looks like Nintendo is going to be making their biggest advertising push ever when Wii Fit comes out:


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