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April 3, 2008

LOTD for April 3

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Nanoparticle technology may significantly decrease chemotherapy doses without decreasing their effectiveness!

Genetic differences between people mean that some athletes that are innocent will test guilty in steroids (and other drugs) tests while others who are guilty will get away with it under the current tests. There are also genetic differences and it looks like Asians could get away with doping at low levels under current tests due to genetic differences between Asians and Caucasians:

China’s huge industrial espionage campaign against Western companies is called an “intellectual vacuum cleaner”:

Claim is that the military’s Ray Gun has been able to almost instantly kill 500 pound cows in testing, so the gun is being prepared as a lethal weapon for combat:

I think that this is a big win for the Bush Administration: NATO endorsed the US position on a missile defense system based in Europe and pledged more troops for Afghanistan:

The Army and Marines bought nearly $3 bil in body armor without even doing the basic early testing to ensure the body armor would be useful. It is scary to me that testing was done after an NBC News special highlighted the issue and 4 out of 8 vests failed in testing:

Video of the cyborg moth developed under DARPA funding:

al-Qaeda is apparently hoping that the US attacks Iran because al-Qaeda is hoping to attack its longtime enemy Iran and would like for Iran to be weakened by the US:

I’ve been working with a number of SBIR agencies in my field, and am cheering on the companies getting SBIRs from the EPA. I hope that they come up with great technology that will help our environment:

Very nice summary of the WiMAX vs. LTE tradeoffs:

One of WiMAX’s advantages is that it is ready now…unfortunately, Sprint just announced that its WiMAX plans are delayed indefinitely:

The iPhone is out of stock at a lot of places, which either means that there is a shortage of components or that the new iPhone is coming sooner than expected:

Interesting how much earmark money goes to Hawaii (#2 per capita among states):

Husband came home from work and caught his wife (who is a teacher at a middle school) having sex with a 16-year-old boy. He pointed his gun at them and told the teen to get out of the house. The husband now has several charges against him and I doubt the wife will get her teaching job back. If this goes to trial I wonder how the Utah jury would react…judging by the comments on the article, the husband might not be punished too severely:


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