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April 4, 2008

LOTD for April 4

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The Navy still does not have a plan to counter a Russian-built missile that has already been deployed by China and may have been purchased by Iran:

Amazing to read that there are 200 to 300 IED attacks each month (increasing each year) *outside* of Iraq and Afghanistan. There are about 600 IED attacks each month in Iraq and about 60 in Afghanistan:

Remember the $300 mil ammo contract that the military gave the small company run by a 22-year-old and a massage therapist? Turns out the ammo they delivered was faulty ammo from China and Albania that violated the terms of the contract. It also turns out that the government had *incorrectly* labeled that company a small disadvantaged business:

A Canadian high school kid started a small business: making homemade stun guns and selling them to kids who brought them to high school. This also happened in Connecticut, as apparently the instructions for making homemade tasers are available on the internet:

Verizon was the big winner in the 700 MHz spectrum auction and they revealed they will use the spectrum for LTE. 22 MHz of bandwidth nationwide at such a low frequency will give their network some amazing capability:

AT&T was the second biggest winner in the 700 MHz spectrum auction (but they had bought similar spectrum from Aloha Partners shortly before the auction) and they also plan to use LTE on it:

Qualcomm was one of the other big winners of spectrum and they will use it for MediaFLO:

Google talks about how they wanted to win the spectrum auction, but not as much as Verizon:

Sprint has a backhaul problem with its WiMAX sites and wants to switch from T-1 to LMDS:

MIT startup company raised $12.6 mil in their first round. They have an innovative solar cell technology that will could result in 100 MW solar power plants around the world, with the cost of generating solar power the same as it currently costs to generate power from coal:

The 2600 people that Motorola will layoff are mainly in overseas jobs (closing a cell phone manufacturing plant in Singapore, laying off 120 in Birmingham, England), though 354 people will be cut in Florida:,0,4870738.story

Autism and Alzheimer’s have both reached epidemic status according to the definition here, but our funding for research for cures for the two afflictions is actually decreasing when adjusting for inflation:

Cornell’s nonosatellite is ready for launch–they did a great job and I’m sorry they beat out Santa Clara:

Lockheed beat out Boeing for a $766 mil JTRS radio contract. Boeing’s problems on the other piece of JTRS that they have the contract for might have helped Lockheed win this piece of JTRS:

New York state is testing M/A-COM’s radios right now…if they pass testing, payments will start on the $2 bil contract NY gave M/A-COM. If they fail testing, NY can pull the contract and M/A-COM has to eat all of the money they have spent so far:

Comcast is now offering a 50 Mbps cable modem speed! It is expensive and only available in Minneapolis-St. Paul for now, but it will be coming to many more big markets soon I believe. They plan to get the speed up to 160 Mbps! FiOS (fiber optic service) is only up to 30 Mbps now:

The cell phone companies at CTIA were really trying to compete with the iPhone. Very interesting news that Verizon hopes that Google’s Android platform runs on their phones someday:

Interesting article about all of the online coupon codes:

Woman claims that she was injured by her bra and that the injury got her fired–she is suing Victoria’s Secret:

NINE kids (most of them 9-years-old!) in Georgia plotted to tie up and hurt their teacher. They spent a week planning the attack, but another kid reported that one of them had a weapon on the day they were going to do the attack:

A pit bull jumped over a fence into her yard to attack this woman’s dog, so the woman *bit* the pit bull to get it to stop biting her dog:

Man pretends he is an ESPN analyst (with his 10-year-old son with him) and offers scholarships to high school students if they help him have sex with an underage girl:

Japanese sales of game consoles for March: Wii (265,542), PS3 (81, 579), Xbox 360 (13,127):


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