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April 8, 2008

LOTD for April 8

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It is pretty amazing to read about the computer prediction program that 3 Georgia Tech engineering professors have developed for the NCAA tournament. They got the final four right this year and they have gotten *30* of the 36 Final Four teams over the past 9 years. Their track record is FAR better than any of the human or computer predictions I’ve read about before. Before the NCAA tournament started, they had Kansas and Memphis as their top 2 teams and predicted Kansas would win the national title (Kansas beat Memphis yesterday for the national title). Pretty amazing!

US District Court just ruled that the USPTO’s proposed patent rules cannot be implemented:

Experts say that we will need 10+ years of solar research before solar power will be as cheap as using oil:

IBM has been suspended from receiving any new government contracts due to possible procurement violations between its employees and the EPA:

A group of Tech CEOs are calling for Congress to restore the $918 cut from research programs (2008 money for NSF, DoE, and NIST):

The Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is the latest major US airport to use Astroturf. The TSA is also trying out a “kindler, gentler” screening process at BWI, with mauve lights glowing softly, soothing music, and smiling employees, under the theory that serenity adds security:

Nice historical background on the AMF portion of JTRS (the Lockheed and Boeing teams were loaded with the big names in defense!):

Interesting analysis in a magazine article about how the success of the surge comes at the expense of hurting long-term success in Iraq. I’m not sure if I agree with the conclusion the writer makes, but at least this gave me another dimension to the problem in Iraq that I hadn’t thought about before:

Prediction is that a 3G iPhone will be out in 60 days:

Huawei announced that it will have the first-to-market network solution for the 700 MHz spectrum, with systems available 1G 2009:

Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s offer as too low and put down Microsoft’s threat to their board:

There will be no 3G roaming during the Beijing Olympics except for users of China’s TD-SCDMA standard:

iTunes is now the biggest seller of music in the US:

They might have found the ships that cut the undersea Internet cables and the operators of those ships are being questioned in Dubai:

Western Pennsylvania couple is suing Google for the photos taken for Google’s Street View that were apparently taken from their long driveway:

CBS to outsource some of its news operations to CNN?

Looks like the game industry has been recession-proof so far:


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